Ineco QB50 vdm - rotary draw tubing / pipe bender


Subject: Ineco QB50 vdm - rotary draw tubing / pipe bender
180 degree Single-Shot Electric Rotary Draw Tubing Bender by Ineco.
Model QB-50 VDM, QB-50 VDE (option unit adds $1500)
* Maximum capacity: up to 2" OD tube (mild steel, .125" wall thickness). Wide range of bend radii available from 3/8" to 8-3/4" CLR.
* Tooling available to bend round, square, rectangular tube, and profiles or special shapes.
* Variable bending speed: adjusted by potentiometer on control panel (>/=11.5 seconds for 180°). Allows operator to set required speed for various material; i.e stainless and chromoly require slow speed settings.
* Microprocessor Control Unit: bending angle, springback factor, and zero position of counterbend die shaft (VDE model only) are fully programmable and monitored thru the control panel.
* User friendly programming: easy step by step method. Capable storing of 25 different programs with up to 10 sequential bends per program.
* Electronic overload device: automatically protects the mechanical system from possible damage caused by oversized material and / or excessive bend speed.
* Multilanguage control panel with backlit LCD display enhances ease of operating and programming.
* Low maintenance: requires lubrication of counterbend die only.
* Portable: built in wheels and extractable handles.
* Available in single phase, or three phase with multiple voltage settings. (Add $500 for 3-phase power)
* Download the INECO Tube Bending brochure (PDF format)
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