Industrial stairs. for the upstair office.


Subject: Industrial stairs. for the upstair office.
1. The picture of the stair case is not what the base price is on The picture is what the stair case roughy looks like.
2. The drewing of the stair case is what the price is on .
3. To start, i need dimensions on the stair case.
4. the base price is for a 8 ft. staircase. wish is $2900.00 If a larger staircase is needed .It is $130.00 a ft. more.
5. The staircase will be a red prime coat only. If you would like a different color
6. It will cost extra,depending on the color.
8. The staircase will need to be assembled.
9. After you send a conformation on the drawing it will be 2 to 3 weeks befor you receive your staitcase.
10. The stair case must be on level ground.
11. If your staircase only needs one railing, the price can be reduce $435.00
12. These railing will last for years and make your buisness or home a safe place.
13. Any question Email us at andrewschoenbauer@msn.con