Induction sealer


Subject: Induction sealer
Hand Held Semi-automatic Induction Sealer, model: NPSIS
This induction sealer is compact and versatile. It is suitable for use on various types of bottles and cap sizes. Position the sealing head on the cap and press the button. When the seal is complete an audible tone signals you to move on to the next container.
Induction Sealer Equipment is on hand for next day delivery !
Capable of sealing 10mm – 80mm closures
Easy setup and simple operation
Power supply with advanced circuitry
Self-test circuitry to stabilize frequency
Over-current and over-voltage protection to ensure smooth operation
Typical Speed: 400 – 800 bottles per hour depending on cap specifications
Dimensions 10.4L x 9.8W x 3.9H (in)
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