Impact 500 supercollider crumb rubber cryogenic system


Subject: Impact 500 supercollider crumb rubber cryogenic system
The Impact 500 is designed to reduce the size of crumb rubber or buffings to as small as 100 mesh. The process involves freezing the rubber cryogenically and then pulverizing it against a steel anvil. The entire process is controlled from a centrally located panel using state-of-the-art technology. The resulting product is screened to various mesh sizes, resulting in clean, consistent superfine crumb rubber granulate. Crumb rubber or buffings are deposited into the hopper which utilizes a screw auger to move the material to the rare earth magnet assembly where all residual steel is removed. Screw conveyor #2 transports the rubber into the freezing tunnel where it is cooled to approximately -200?F as it is moved through the tunnel on a stainless steel & teflon conveyor. Screw Conveyor #3 deposits the frozen rubber into the Smythe high-speed impact mill where it is pulverized and mixed with cold air from the freezing tunnel. The pulverized rubber is separated from the air stream in a cyclone and then deposited into the screening unit by a heated (so that it does not pick up any more moisture) conveyor #4. Oversize material can be returned to the freezing tunnel for re-processing. Totally self-contained in a 40' trailer. Located in Southeast Asia.