Ilx lightwave ldc-3916 laser diode controller - loaded


Subject: Ilx lightwave ldc-3916 laser diode controller - loaded
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The LDC-3916 16-Channel Laser Diode Controller Laser Diode Controller is designed for simultaneous control of both laser current and temperature in a single mainframe for R&D or production test of optical amplifiers. Its high stability, low-noise current, and temperature controllers also makes it ideal for low-channel count burn-in systems. Laser current source, temperature, and combination controller modules are interchangeable between the 8 and 16 channel mainframes.
The LDC-3916 provides up to 16 channels of laser diode current source and temperature control. It is a space-saving, 3U-high, rack-mountable instrument.
This unit has the following features:
* 16 independent, isolated channels for multiple laser and TE control
* Wide variety of laser controller modules with up to 3A per channel
* Dual channel laser current or TE control modules for control of up to 32 laser diodes
* Current sources operate in constant current or constant power operating modes with direct modulation up to 1.2MHz
* Temperature controllers operate in constant temperature or constant resistance mode with expanded gain setting from 1 to 127
* GPIB/IEEE-488 or RS-232 remote control interface
This system has the following modules installed:
* Sixteen (16) ILX LDC-3916338
The LDC-3916338 Laser Diode Current Source Module contains one fully independent current source. The current sources provide high stability output up to a maximum drive current of 3.0 Amps, with fully redundant current limits and multiple laser protection features such as contact bounce detection, compliance voltage limit adjust, and 4-wire voltage measurement for precise laser diode forward voltage measurement.
Each module has the following specifications:
* Output Current Range: 0 to 3000 mA
* Setpoint Resolution: 80 microA
* Setpoint Accuracy:2 ± 0.1% of full scale
* Compliance Voltage: 4.5 V (adjustable voltage limit)
* Temperature Coefficient: <= 100 ppm/°C
* Short Term Stability (1 hr.): <= 50 ppm
* Long Term Stability (24 hr.): <= 75 ppm
* High Bandwidth Mode: < 36 mA rms
* Low Bandwidth Mode: < 24 mA rms
* Operational: < 5 mA
* 1kV EFT / Surge: < 5 mA / < 10 mA
* Laser Drive Limit Settings
* Current Limit Range: 0 to 3000 mA
* Current Limit Resolution: 1.025 mA
* Current Limit Accuracy: ±9 mA
* Voltage Limit Range: 0 to 7.5V
* Voltage Limit Resolution: 0.2V
* Type: Differential 10W Input, Selectable Zero Bias or 5V Reverse Bias
* PD Current Range: 0 to 5000 microA
* Output Stability: 8 ± 0.01%
* Accuracy, Setpoint (% of FS): ± 0.1%
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