Ifr 1600 service monitor - spectrum analyz / tracking


Subject: Ifr 1600 service monitor - spectrum analyz / tracking
IFR 1600 S Frequency Meter and Service Monitor.
The FM/AM 1600 is a microprocessor controlled, digitally synthesized ciommunications service montitor which combines the operations of many different test instruments into a single compact unit. Functions include:
R F Generator / Duplex / Spectrum Analyzer / DMM / Distrotion Meter / Audio Frequency Meter / R F Power Meter / Signal Strength Meter / Phase Meter / Tracking Generator / Digital Radio Paging Encode and Decode / Receiver / AF Generator / Oscilloscope / Deviation ( peak ) meter / SINAD Meter / Frequency Error Meter / Modulation Meter / Bit Error Rate Meter / Deviation ( RMS ) Meter / Analog Radio Paging Encode and Decode.
Dual Mode Cell Site Monitoring and Simulation. Details available upon request.
This fully operational instrument is very practical as a bench test unit. This unit is a 250 Khz to 999.9999 Mhz (in 100 Hz steps ) , Signal generator, -137 dbm to 0 dbm, with multiple audio generators, AM, FM, FSK, PM. Signal output available in dbm, UV, MV etc. Color Graphics split screen. Soft key operation. Power measurement on screen, Spectrum analyzer, Transmitter Modulation deviation etc. Graphical presentation of DVM, Oscilloscope, etc. Operational Manual
This insturment has a Cellular Option ( CSA ) as shown in picture, as the lower unit, available for an additional $1000.00