Idi cybor pump M5000 positive displacement chemical


Subject: Idi cybor pump M5000 positive displacement chemical
This listing is for an IDI / Cybor positive displacement pump system.
The fully programmable, stepper motor driven, electrohydraulic, CYBORPUMP ™ System provides the Accuracy, Repeatability , and Versatility required for the most demanding requirements in the Semiconductor and Substrate Processing Industries.
The Programmable Photoresist-Polyimide Pumps provide accurate and repeatable performance for viscosities from 1 cp to 3000cp.
The Stepper Motor Drive System in combination with a Positive Displacement Hydraulic Coupling can provide repeatability of +/- 0.005 ml.
A variety of Stepper Motor configurations, along with complete digital control of all parameters, allows hardware and software design modifications to meet a variety of challenging dispensing applications.
Very low viscosity chemistries such as Deep UV Resist, and Anti-Reflective chemistries can be dispensed at high rates without the usual dripping and suckback problems.
Dosing profiles can be tailored to fit a variety of approaches to Reduced Resist Consumption.
Accelerated life testing has demonstrated that the pumps are capable of cycling over 1,000,000 times. This would mean that the Mean Time Between Maintenance could conservatively be established at every 600,000 cycles.
This is used, but in good WORKING condition.
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