Ice-o-matic iceu-300 305 lb. ice machine - undercounter


Subject: Ice-o-matic iceu-300 305 lb. ice machine - undercounter
The ICE-O-Matic ICEU-300 under counter ice machine can produces 305 lbs. of ICE per 24 hours. Storage bin capacity is 100 lbs. Its Condensing unit is Air cooled. ICE-O-Maticis the best ICE making solution for hard water, food safety and tight spaces. ICE series under counter cube ice makers exclusively feature pure ice for bacteria growth, top air discharge, filter free air, and harvest assist which helps prevent lime buildup. Condenser is air cooled. Stainless steel finish. Cubes are shot glass shaped. NSF and UL listed. This ice machine is ideal for small coffee shops, delis, cafe's, and concession stands where light to medium ice consumption is used.
* Produces up to 305 lbs. of ice per day
* Built-in application storage of 100 lbs.
* Low profile-39 inches tall
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