Ice-o-matic IOD250 250 lb. ice cube machine


Subject: Ice-o-matic IOD250 250 lb. ice cube machine
The Ice-O-Matic IOD250 is a cup activated ice dispenser. Storage capacity of this unit is 250 lbs. Auto Rotate rotates the ice for 4 seconds every hr to provide more reliable ice dispensing and less ice congealing. Direct dispense ensures that ice hits the glass every time and quick stop prevents overflow and waste. The Electronic dispenser has a sleek, high-tech design with durable fingerprint-proof front and top panels. Touch-free infra-red actuation provides convenient one-hand operation. Additionally, a bigger sink allows more clearance for larger containers. Quiet to operate, the Dispensers are ideal for hospitals, cafeterias, restaurants and offices.
* Constructed from sturdy, corrosion-resistant 300 series stainless steel
* Easy access to the dispenser for easy cleaning without moving the ice machine
* Auto Rotate - turns the ICE for 4 seconds every hour to consistently provide more dispensable ice
* Dispenser bin is insulated with foam for maximum ice preservation - 1 inch of insulation
* Direct Dispense - ensures that ICE hits the glass every time
* Quick Stop - prevents ICE overflow and waste
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