Ice cream and gelato dipping cabinet


Subject: Ice cream and gelato dipping cabinet
Just Reduced by $1000.00 From $4999.99 to $ 3999.99
I have been wanting to write to you for a while. I purchased a new gelato case from you. I did very well for my 1st summer with it and have had people all winter ask for it .I know its not a high end case but as a starter it works great compared to the prices I got it was a deal. If you ever need a recommendation please do not hesitate to use me. The advice you give people is so very fair and frank. I can tell you really want people to succeed and it’s not all about the money. I would like to talk to you about a used pasteurization machine. I just purchased me new emery Thompson I know this was an expense move but they are a work horse and the new one make grate gelato. I also had one for ten years before the new one so I knew what I was getting .I tried your packets I wasn't that crazy about them I like the fiber better just personal taste I think I also use elanka expensive I know but worth the money. Well Dominic I will wait to hear from you good luck with all your endeavors if you go to visit your mother in-law please call me at the Shop
For any questions, please Call Domenic