Ice cream and gelato dipping cabinet ( stella )


Subject: Ice cream and gelato dipping cabinet ( stella )
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** The Decoration on the Image is not included on the Case, it is just a part of presentation **
Summer has sprang all over the USA and the Gelato and Ice cream operations are sprouting all over the place. There is so much controversy or better yet misinformation about the mystique of forced air cases. Of course when you see Gelato being piled high above the rim of the pans you fall in love for the presentation and you are automatically drawn to want one of those cases to display in your case. That would be perfect if upon opening, the line of people waiting to be served would stretch around block or at least many yards outside your front door. The problem is though that unless you are on a busy beach side resort that will not be the case. What will happen instead is that when you don't serve constantly out of a pan, a crust develops on the top layer of Gelato. You undoubtedly will notice it when you go back for a serving and you have to crack that frozen layer. That is the problem with forced air cases versus what I call "modern static" which is what this Case offers. I know the above contentions will bring lots of questions.
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