IMMFP02 multi function processor


Subject: IMMFP02 multi function processor
10,000 Useable Configuration Blocks and/or 4000 lines of Basic or "C".
The IMMFP02 Multi-Function Processor Module (MFP) is one of the workhorses of the INFI 90® control module line. It is a multiple loop analog, sequential, batch and advanced controller that provides powerful solutions to process control problems. It also handles data acquisition and information processing requirements providing true peer-to-peer communications. The comprehensive set of function codes supported by this module handles even the most complex control strategies. The INFI 90 system uses a variety of analog and digital I/O modules to communicate with and control the process. The MFP module communicates with a maximum of 64 modules in any combination.
The MFP module has three operating modes: execute, configure and error. In the execute mode, the MFP module executes control algorithms while constantly checking itself for errors. When an error is found, the front panel LEDs display an error code corresponding to the type of error found. In the configure mode, it is possible to edit existing or add new control algorithms. In this mode, the MFP module does not execute control algorithms. If the MFP module finds an error while in execute mode, it automatically goes into error mode.
A one megabaud CPU to CPU communication link allows the MFP module to accommodate redundant processors. This link enables a backup MFP module to wait in a hot standby mode while the primary MFP module executes the control algorithms. If the primary MFP module goes off-line for any reason, a bumpless transfer of control to the backup MFP module occurs.
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