I6 navy W6 international farmall tractor with snow plow


Subject: I6 navy W6 international farmall tractor with snow plow
I aquired the tractor in non running condition. I cleaned the mag, put fresh fuel in it and it started right up. It holds 60lbs of oil pressure running and 40 at a very very very slow idle. It smokes a little some back and some white. It runs strong and will start off in high gear at a low idle. I bet some of the smoke is fuel and some is oil from sitting and the old gas in the tank. It does not billow smoke it lets out a puff at apart up and a very little at idle but very little if any when you are driving it. The generator does not charge and the on/off switch does not work, I use a screwdriver to short the magneto to shut it off. It could use a good tune up it has old plugs and wires on it. The transmission makes a little whine in all gears, I'd say about a "2" on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst. The brakes work and the clutch does too. It has tire chains and a hand lift pump hydraulic snowplow made of oid timber and a 55 gallon drum. The wooden cab is homemade and well done - it did a great job of saving the fenders. There are holes on the fenders where the cab is mounted. I'd say they are 1/4 holes and could easily be filled. The tin is great except the top of the gas tank has bondo on it. Back tires fair to good fronts need to be replaced - one has a hole in the sidewall and the tube is about to bubble out.
I can store this item here outside for 30 days (longer by prior arrangements). I'm adding the next line becase I have 3 tractors that I can't seem to get out of my yard. If you do not make prior arrangments with me and do not pick this item up in 30 days I may choose to re-sell it and not refund any of your money. I'm not that nasty or mean but I have 3 heel draggers and I don't want to turn my yard into a tractor storage. I do understand things come up like bad weather etc..