Hydrogen and dewpoint analyzing system unused


Subject: Hydrogen and dewpoint analyzing system unused
Hydrogen and Dewpoint Analyzing System
This analyzing system is constructed of a thermal conductivity analyzer and a dewpoint transmitter conveniently installed in a control cabinet. Although this unit is labeled as a hydrogen gas system, the components can be used on other gases. This system has input ports labeled "Calibration Gas Inlet" and "Sample". The "Calibration Gas Inlet" port goes through the side of the cabinet to a regulator to a 3-way solenoid to the Teledyne analyzer, then out of the analyzer to the flow meter then to the suction side of the Gast Pump. The "Sample" line goes through a Pall filter into the cabinet then into the other input of the 3-way solenoid (this flow description may be reversed, i simply wanted to describe its sequence) . This indicates that this unit is used to compare a calibration gas and a sample gas. This unit is unused and in excellent condition. The new price of the teledyne analyzer alone is $5,500. Please call with any questions
* Thermal Conductivity Analyzer
* Cosa Instruments XDT/D
* Control Cab: 36 x 30 x 16"
* the base shown in completely empty
* UNUSED in excellent condition