Hydraulic mule (6 g.p.m.)


Subject: Hydraulic mule (6 g.p.m.)
SquareTrade AP6.0Hydraulic Mini Mule GPM/PSI:6 GPM @ 3000 PSI Fluid:Red oil Manufacturer:N.A. HP: Shown as:Used NSN:492000-Tester Product Type: Mule Type: Part No: Model No:CAD952 Manufacturer: AMC Description/Function of unit Voltage: 230V, 60 HZ, 3 PH The hydraulic mule is enclosed in a sheet metal housing with a control panel mounted on a angle (iron frame with 12” dia front casters and 3” dia rear casters) Panel mounted items Bypass valve Reservoir selector valve (for aircraft or mule reservoir selector) 2½” dia. (0-4000 PSI) pressure gauge Flowmeter (0-10 GPM) The hydraulic mule includes the following features Pressure compensated (Oil Gear) hydraulic piston pump with max volume stop to control flow Electric motor 10 HP, 1800 RPM, 230V, 3 PH, 60 HZ High pressure filter assembly (3000 PSI) with 3 micron filter element, -12 JIC ports 16 gallon reservoir with filter breather cap Air/oil heat exchanger 25’ ft of power cable Power cable storage rack Start/stop push button control mounted in a NEMA 4 junction box -8 JIC male supply port mounted on lower back panel of unit -12 JIC male return port mounted on lower back panel of unit Approx. Dimensions:44” L x 26” W x 26” H ALS ID:MUH-151 Approx. Weight:450 lbs please call for any questions ask for Shane