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Subject: Hydmech band saw not meba do all wells hem marvel cosen
NEW Hydmech Dual Miter Band Saw
60° Miter in Both Directions!
The S-20DS double swivel band saw provides exceptional miter cutting for light to medium duty applications. The versatile swing head with easy to read angle scale, saves operator time. The heavy-duty gearbox and motor assembly ensures the S-20DS will deliver maximum productivity. The cast iron double swivel head features an easy to read angle scale and "quick" stops at 90, 45, and 60 degree positions. The cast iron vise slides on linear ways which can be easily positioned to either the left or right side of the head and includes a quick release mechanism for rapid positioning.
* Miter capability from 60° left up to 60° right
* Easy sliding, cast iron vises
* Precise head and table rotation
* Coolant pump for band lubrication and cooling with wash down hose
* Heavy cast iron wheels, head and vise
* Conveniently located control panel within safe operator reach
* Manual blade tension with tension meter and blade breakage switch