Hybond 522A manual ball bonder


Subject: Hybond 522A manual ball bonder
Hybond 522A Manual Ball Bonder
Great condition unit that has seen very little use. Comes with the following options:
Millennium K2000 Dual Output Fiber Optic Illuminator
Leica S6 Stereo Microscope with 16x/16 Eyepieces
Ultrasonic System: PLL self-tuning, 62.5 KHz (±2.5KHz) nominal
Ultrasonic Power Range: 0-1 watt on Low setting (default), 0-2 watts on High setting
Bond Time Range: 10 - 400 mSec
Bond Force Range: 15 - 150 grams
Temperature Control Range: Ambient to 250° C
Bondable Wire Diameters: 0.7 to 2.0 mils (18 to 50,8 µm)
Bondable Wire Materials: Gold wire
Z Axis Travel: 0.5 in (1,20 cm) maximum
Vertical Bonding Window: 60 -100 mils (152-254 µm) max dist. between 1st & 2nd bond