Humphrey field analyzer model 640 (ophthalmic)


Subject: Humphrey field analyzer model 640 (ophthalmic)
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Humphrey Field Analyzer Model 640 (Ophthalmic)
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The great deal comes with options. You have the option of purchasing with or without a table. If you decide to go without the table then the cost goes down by $500.00. You would however be responsible for picking up the unit yourself with a guarantee to work. If we deliver there is no Guarantee or Warranty on the unit. This unit does come with fastpak, has 2 pics, 3 1/2 floppy drive, harddrive and tape backup.
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About Diagnostic Instrument Group
The Diagnostic Instrument Group is a global provider of quality refurbished ophthalmic equipment and is a leader in the industry. Founded in 1993, we have grown rapidly by providing a level of service rarely found.
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