Human remote rescue ambulance all terrain snowmobile


Subject: Human remote rescue ambulance all terrain snowmobile
All Terrain Rescue Sled/Ambulance with Emergency Kit
Tow Behind Snowmobile or ATV - Includes Patient Stretcher, Cab Heater, Battery & Battery Rack and Interior Lighting - Room for a Patient and up to Two Attendants
* Commercial Rescue Unit with Full Emergency Kit for All Terrain Rescue Operations
* Our heavy duty Rescue Sleds/Ambulances are constructed of super duty polyethylene, making for a durable strong, lightweight and easily towed sled
* Our unique polyethylene constructed rescue unit is fully enclosed and has enough room for the patient and up to two attendants
* Our superior gas shock suspension and cushioned limited rotational hitch provide for greater patient comfort
* Interior light rated to –40ºF
* This unit comes standard with body reflectors, brake and running lights, gas shock suspension and attendants seating
* Construction: Polyethylene
* Length Without Hitch: 110" (279.5 cm)
* Hitch Style: 1-Piece Limited Rotational Hitch
* Body colors available: Black or Blue
* Includes Aluminum stretcher with Adjustable Backrest and Wheels (shown below)
* Includes Interior Lighting
* Includes Battery and Battery Rack
* Includes Body Reflectors, Brake & Running Lights
* Please allow 30 days for delivery
* 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (Includes Parts & Labor)
All of our products are sold with at least a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty. If you receive an item that becomes inoperative within the manufacturer's warranty period, you will be required to exercise your warranty directly with the manufacturer for the repair or replacement of the product. We will not accept product returns which are covered by a manufacturer's warranty.