Hughes microwave transmitter receiver WR5 140-220 ghz


Subject: Hughes microwave transmitter receiver WR5 140-220 ghz
Hughes Solid-State Millimeter-Wave Products 44434H Transmitter, Reciever Pair, WR5, 140-220 GHz
These units look to be in good used condition, although I have no way to test them. According to the sticker on the unit, the waveguide size of this unit is WR5, which is (also according to the sticker): 140-220 GHz. The units have an aluminum baseplate with clear polycarbonate tubes and nylon (perhaps delrin) focusing domes on each end. The transmitter unit has several inputs, 28VDC, 31.75VDC max, and ground. It has a SMA trigger input, SMA trigger output (that connects to the waveguide hardware inside the cylinder). The pair have the part number: 44434H TRANSMITTER, 44434H RECEIVER, SERIAL NUMBER: 010. For larger pictures, right click on image and click view image.
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