Huge custom hydraulic synchronous lift system


Subject: Huge custom hydraulic synchronous lift system
Huge Hydraulic Control Unit with Four 200 ton Cylinders
This is beleived to be a custom made unit and I will try to give as much info as I can. It is a Hydraulic control unit with four cylinders. A gang box is included with hydraulic hoses.
The control unit is mounted on a steel frame to make movement by hoisting easier. There are four Enerpac 4-way valves with shut off valves located next to them. There are eight McDaniel's 316SS Tude & Socket guages with four going to 6000 psi and four to 10,000psi. A reliance 3 phase electric motor runs two Racine Hydraulics H 80H 01 Pumps. A Square D electrical control box is located on the side and has what looks to be a 30 gallon hydraulic fluid tank. The control unit measures 6' wide with frame and 3' deep. It is 55" tall at the highest height.
We beleieve the cylinders to be 200 - 250 tons. We did not find any markings to give us the specifications. They are double-acting cylinders. Each cylinder is 55" tall and approximately 10" in diameter. The base is a 2" thick steel plate measuring 24" x 24".
The gang box has the usual wear related to being in the construction industry. The condition of the hoses are unknown and replacement would be suggested.
There are decals from Hannon Hydraulics of Texas who previously rebuilt the system. We do not know when this was done. The system is being sold "as-is" and has not been tested.
Call ext 470 to arrange for an inspection.
Email us or call Mark Griffith at ext 470 for further questions.