Huge chemical exhaust fume scrubber 60HP 45KCFM


Subject: Huge chemical exhaust fume scrubber 60HP 45KCFM
HUGE Harrington Industrial Plastics Chemical Exhaust Fume Scrubber 60 HorsePower 45,000 CFM.
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We have 3 matching units. The image above shows the fan from the motor side (hidden under the fiberglass cover). The access panel cover is under the fan unit. The fan is Model HPCA-5425 and the scrubber section is Model ECH 910-5LB
The big fan draws chemical-fume laden air through a big container of plastic media that is sprayed with water that washes or "scrubs" the fumes out of the air.
Click the following link for the factory website-search for scrubber.
There are 3 pumps for spraying water on the media.
The pumps are Gusher 7.5" stainless with 4.5" impellers Model 11032 N.
The image above shows a viewing port into the main chamber.
The image above shows the fan with the top outlet covered and the motor cover removed (from the right side)
The images above and below show the right side of the main scrubber chamber. Note the top and bottom sections are connected to the front and back sections via stainless bolts.
The inlet side of the scrubber has adjustable louvers as shown above.
The fan housing is about 78" across.
The square section at the base of the outlet transition to round is about 64 inches square.
The fan shaft is about 3 3/8 diameter and the 4-belt pulley is about 19" diameter.
The inlet to the fan is about 5' diameter.
The main chamber is about 9 feet from front to rear transition (not including the transitions). The transitions account for about 5 feet each and the fan adds about 8 feet so the total length of the whole thing is about 27 feet.
The main chamber upper section is about 76" and the lower section is about 74 inches so the total height is about 150 inches.
The width of the main chamber is about 124 inches plus there is about 20 inches for the water sump so the total width is about 144 inches or 12 feet.
The tags below are from the other two units.
The sheet below was attached to one of the units by the previous user. The key points to note are 45,000 CFM and 823 RPM fan speed plus up to 240 GPM of pumping. Apparently one of the 3 pumps is a backup or reserve.
The motors removed from the fans are shown below.
The motors are Marathon XRI High Efficiency 60 hp 1775 RPM 230/460 volt TEFC
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your really serious chemical fume exhaust scrubber application.
Condition looks very good functional used. The images above were taken during removal from the factory where it was used. It was removed because the factory closed (not because there was a problem with the unit). The media has been removed and disposed of and the unit has had a professional decontamination done to remove any active chemical residue that might have been left. The system will have been taken into parts so we can get it out of the building.
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