Huge aluminum laser vacuum chamber enclosure 27CUBIC '


Subject: Huge aluminum laser vacuum chamber enclosure 27CUBIC '
Huge Aluminum Laser Vacuum Chamber Enclosure with 6 large side ports plus end-ports. ID about 18" and OD ~36" with overall length about 188" (15+ feet).
There are a lot images in this listing-you might want to take a short break while they load if you have a slow internet connection.
In these images, the unit is laying on its side-the rail-like section with all the holes should be down-except it needs to be on a stand because of the motor.
Looks like a stainless vacuum bellows at this end that attached to something else.
This end section that is different than the rest of the unit is about 32" long. One of these covers is missing.
The covers on the side-ports are about 45" long by 12" wide.
Through the port with the missing cover you can see the cable carrier that services the linear moving carriage inside.
The port glass at the one end looks about 4" in diameter, We are guessing this might be where the laser beam exited.
These images show the big SEM Servo Motor with the broken case.
These images show some of the mechanism inside.
These images are from the other end with the port glass door opened up. The cable carrier is featured on the left.
The image below shows a glimpse of the big ball-screw drive.
These images were taken after we moved the unit. It is still on its side.
Similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your
large tubular vacuum chamber for your biodiesel project.
Estimated weight is 3000 pounds as shown (without rolling stand).
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