Hp base station test set-cdma E6380A


Subject: Hp base station test set-cdma E6380A
HP/Agilent E6380A Base Station Test Set Features
* Performs key RF, TX and RX measurements
* cdma2000 measurements illustrate noise levels, data and voice traffic to identify capacity issues
* Built-in average power meter with ±7.5% accuracy
* Waveform quality (rho), frequency error, code domain power, timing, and phase analysis
* Built-in AWGN source for calibrated E b /N o settings
* Network equipment manufacturer (NEM) specific automation software to increase measurement repeatability and enhance technician efficiency
HP/Agilent E6380A Base Station Test Set Description
Deploy and maintain networks faster with Agilent's CDMA/cdma2000 1x Base Station Test Set (E6380A).
When installation teams, service providers, and network equipment manufacturers require extensive analysis, consider the CDMA/cdma2000 1x Cellular and PCS base station test set (Agilent 8935 Series E6380A), which is designed to reduce test time for base station installation and maintenance. Agilent's fast measurement speed coupled with our automated test software result in faster trouble shooting, less down time, and reduced maintenance costs.
Predefined tests allow operations managers to standardize system maintenance and allow technicians of all levels to obtain consistent, accurate results with fewer test variability errors. Measurements can be captured to identify trends and proactive steps taken to avoid costly base station down time.
* Unit not tested, but powered up fine.