Hp/agilent E4432B esg-d signal generator


Subject: Hp/agilent E4432B esg-d signal generator
HP/Agilent E4432B ESG-D Signal Generator with Options 100, 1E5, and UND
The Agilent E4432B RF signal generator offers a wide range of digital modulation capabilities for research and development, manufacturing or troubleshooting applications. Providing a comprehensive feature set, it generates standard and custom digital modulation formats, filtering and burst shapes, as well as versatile analog modulation, with superior quality, reliability and worldwide support - at an affordable price.
* 250 kHz to 3 GHz frequency range
* RF modulation bandwidth up to 35 MHz
* Optional dual arbitrary waveform generator and/or real-time I/Q baseband generator
* 40 MHz sample rate and 14-bit I/Q resolution
* 1 Msample (4 MB) memory for waveform playback and 1 Msample (4 MB) memory for waveform storage
* Custom digital modulation (>15 variations of FSK, MSK, PSK, and QAM), AM, FM, phase modulation, pulse modulation, and step/list sweep (frequency and power)
* E443xB Signal Studio software personalities
* E443xB firmware personalities
* GPIB and RS-232 connectivity
This unit has the following options:
* 100: WCDMA personality for dual arbitrary generator
* 1E5: High Stability Timebase
* UND:Internal dual arbitrary waveform generator
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