Hp\agilent E4356A 80V 26A dc power supply


Subject: Hp\agilent E4356A 80V 26A dc power supply
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The Agilent E4356A is ideal for manufacturing and R&D engineers who build equipment for the telecom industry that operates from a 48 V or higher dc rail. This telecom equipment includes: base stations, switches, public and private telephone network equipment, PBX systems, and dc/dc power supplies that provide power to this equipment. This power supply provides power at up to 80 VDC and up to 30 A in two ranges (80 V, 26 A or 70 V, 30 A), has low output noise and offers full control and measurement over GPIB using a SCPI command set.
Although targeted at the telecom industry where 80 V is a common requirement, the E4356A can also be used for other applications requiring 80 VDC. The E4356A has all of the features found on our general purpose system dc power supplies, such as the Agilent 6670 Series of 2000 W System DC Power Supplies.
This unit has the following specifications:
* 0 to 80 VDC and up to 30 A in two ranges (80 V, 26 A or 70 V, 30 A)
* Fast up and down programming speed
* Full remote programming and sensing over GPIB
* Complete control, calibration and display via front panel
* Over-voltage and over-current protection
* Built-in power on self test
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