Hp/agilent 8970B noise figure meter with manual


Subject: Hp/agilent 8970B noise figure meter with manual
FEATURES: ***Tunes its input frequency between 10 and 1600 MHz ***Controls an external LO for receiver or microwave measurements ***Controls the noise source to turn it On or Off ***Makes the noise power measurements ***Calculates the noise figure ***Removes the effects of the measurement system's noise ***Compensates for losses before or after the DUT ***Displays the results in either noise figure, effective noise temperature (Ta), or Y factor NOISE FIGURE MEASUREMENT: ***Measurement range: 0 to 30 dB ***Instrumentation Uncertainty: ±0.1 dB ***Resolution: 0 .01 dB (0.001 dB over GPIB) INPUT SPECIFICATIONS: ***Tuning Accuracy (for 10 to 40°C): ±(1 MHz + 1% of frequency); 6 MHz maximum ***Frequency Resolution: 1 MHz ***Noise Figure (for input power levels below -60 dBm): ***Maximum Operating Input Power: -10 dBm ***Maximum Net External Gain: >65 dB between noise source and HP 8970B RF input GENERAL: ***Noise Source Drive: 28.0
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