Hp\agilent 89410A vector signal analyzer aya ayh uth


Subject: Hp\agilent 89410A vector signal analyzer aya ayh uth
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The Agilent 89410A integrates frequency-domain and time-domain analysis to provide the most advanced meansurements of complex and time-varying signals. It uses state-of-the-art digitizing and signal processing technology to offer complex signal analysis, such as digital modulation analysis and AM/FM/PM demodulation, vector spectrum analysis, and time-gated spectrum analysis. Simultaneous time-domain and frequency-domain measurements and displays improve productivity and enhance ease of use.
Complex and time-varying signals include burst, pulsed, transient, hopping, analog-modulated and digital-modulated signals. These signals are commin in RF communications, video broadbast, satellite, radar, sonar, and ultrasound imaging systems and must be characterized in the design, manufacture, and monitoring of these systems.
This system has the following specifications:
* Frequency Range: DC to 10 MHz
* Scalar Mode: 1.0 Hz to 10 MHz
* Vector Mode: 1.0 Hz to 10 MHz
* Center Frequency Tuning Resolution: 0.001 Hz
* Accuracy-initial: +/- 10 ppm
* Resolution Bandwidth: 312.5 micro-Hz to 3 MHz
* 50 Ohm: -30 dBm to +24 dBm
* 75 Ohm: -31.7 dBm to +22.2 dBm
* 1 M Ohm: -30 dBm to +28 dBm
* Accuracy-absolute Full-scale: +/- 0.5 dB
* Maximum Bandwidth (Typical): 10 MHz
* PM: +/- 3 degrees (Typical)
* FM: +/- 1% of span (Typical)
* Scalar Mode: Fixed sine, Arbitrary
* Vector Mode: Fixed sine, Random Noise, Periodic Chirp, Arbitrary
* Arbitrary Souce: Up to 16,384-complex or 32,768-real points
* Source Level (Fixed Sine): -110 dBm to +23.9 dBm
This system has the following options installed:
* AYA - Vector Modulation Analysis Specialized analysis tools and displays for complex modulation formats
* AYH - Digital Video Modulation Analysis
* UTH - 20 Mbyte extended RAM and additional I/O
This unit works with both the HP 89430A and 89431A RF secions.
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