Hp\agilent 8920A rf communication test set loaded opts


Subject: Hp\agilent 8920A rf communication test set loaded opts
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The 8920A integrates up to 22 complete instruments into a small, portable package. It provides technicians with the functionality needed to test and maintain a wider variety of communication systems. The 8920A's full feature set increases technician efficiency by simplifying standard measurement tasks and providing more needed capability in one box.
This unit has the following features:
* Intuitive call processing interface for cellular phone tests
* Functions of more than 20 complete instruments
* Signal generator: 30 MHz to 1 GHz
* RF analyzer: 10 MHz to 1 GHz
This unit has the following options installed:
* 004 = Tone/Digital Signaling
* 005 = 512 kbytes extended RAM
* 008 = Cellular Mobile RF Power Measurement Range
* 011 = CCITT Weighting Filter
* 013 = C-Message Weighted Filter
* 019 = Variable Frequency Notch Filter
* 050 = Dual-Mode Rear Panel Connectors
* 102 = Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator and ACP
* 103 = DC Current Sensing and HP-IB, RS-232, and Parallel Input/Output
This item is in excellent condition, working perfectly, and comes with a 14 Day Guarantee against DOA.
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