Hp agilent 8665A synth signal generator 100 khz-4.2 ghz


Subject: Hp agilent 8665A synth signal generator 100 khz-4.2 ghz
HP Agilent 8665A Synthesized Signal Generator
* < -134deBc/Hz SSB phase noise at 20 kHz offset
* < -100dBc non-harmonic spurious
* External input impedance: typically 50 ohms
Manufacturer's description: This is a high-performance, programmable signal generator intended for out-of-channel RF receiver measurements. Pulse width and delay can be internally adjusted between 50 ns and 999 ns. The 8665A exhibits excellent spectral purity having both low SSB phase noise and low spurious. This spectral purity coupled with frequency coverage to 4.2GHz provides a solution to measurements that often could only be done by two separate signal generators. It offers AM, FM and optional pulse modulation across its full frequency range. Sine, square, sawtooth and white gaussian noise waveforms are available. Standard FM rates of up to 2 MHz and deviations to 20 MHz are suitable for many appplications such as high-speed digital communications.
The 8665A is supported by Agilent until 1 November 2006
Accessories included: Operator's Manual, Power cord.
Guaranteed to be clean and fully operational, with 14-day right of return.
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