Hp/agilent 8648D signal generator / opt. 1E5


Subject: Hp/agilent 8648D signal generator / opt. 1E5
HP/Agilent 8648D Signal Generator / opt. 1E5
The Agilent 8648 series of Synthesized RF Signal Generators is ideal for manufacturing high-volume products such as cordless telephones, pagers and two-way radios. Well suited for semi-automated receiver tests and a variety of general-purpose applications With 300 storage registers and ten user-definable sequences (accessible from a remote keypad), the Agilent 8648 series easily adapts to any test procedure.
* 9 kHz to 4000 MHz frequency range
* +10 to -136 dBm output range
* Economical synthesized signal generator
* Wide frequency and power coverage
* Remote and memory interfaces for semi-automated testing
* Option 1E5 provides High Stability Time Base
This item also includes Power Cord and a CD copy of Manual
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