Hp/agilent 8648C signal generator w/opt.


Subject: Hp/agilent 8648C signal generator w/opt.
HP/Agilent 8648C Signal Generator with options 1E6 and 1EA
The Agilent 8648C Synthesized RF Signal Generator is ideal for manufacturing high-volume products such as cordless telephones, pagers and two-way radios. Designed for semi-automated receiver test, and a variety of general purpose applications, the Agilent 8648C starts with the basic capabilities of the Agilent 8647A, enhances residual FM, level accuracy and phase noise performance, offers optional pulse modulation and high power, and extends the frequency to 3.2 GHz. to any test procedure.
* Economical 3.2 GHz synthesized signal generator
* Wide frequency and output power coverage
* Optional pulse modulation and high power
* Remote and memory interfaces for semi-automated testing
* Simple, dependable operation
* Option 1E6: Pulse Modulation
* Option 1EA: High Output Power
This item also includes Power Cord and a CD copy of Manual
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