Hp agilent 86101A/202 electrical/optical plug-in module


Subject: Hp agilent 86101A/202 electrical/optical plug-in module
HP Agilent 86101A/202 20 GHz Electrical/2.8 GHz Optical (multimode fiber, short wavelength) Plug-In Module
The Agilent 86101A provides the ideal measurement system for testing signals operating at 1063 or 1250 Mb/s as well as other high-speed telecommunications signals. The calibrated, integrated optical receiver, with over 2.8 GHz bandwidth, allows for easy, precise measurements of single-mode or multimode optical signals. An average power meter is built-in. For compliance testing, a hardware filter for both 1063 Mb/s or 1250 Mb/s testing can automatically be switched in to create a calibrated Fibre Channel or Gigabit Ethernet reference receiver. The switchable filter minimizes setup time while maximizing measurement repeatability.
* Integrated/calibrated optical channel with sensitivity to below -17 dBm 750 to 860 nm wavelength range
* Automatic/switchable filters for compliance testing at both 1063 and 1250 Mb/s or 155/622 Mb/s
* 20/12.4 GHz bandwidth electrical channel
* 2.5/12.5 GHz trigger channel (set by mainframe)
Option 202: FC (1.6 GB/s), GBEN (1.25 GB/s)
More about the instrument: It was manufactured in 1999. Serial number: US39440421. This instrument is supported by Agilent until Aug 1st 2010. As you can see in the pictures, it is in good condition with few signs of wear and tear. All photos on this page are of the actual item offered here.
Guaranteed to be clean and fully operational, with 14-day right of return
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