Hp / agilent 86061C lightwave switch


Subject: Hp / agilent 86061C lightwave switch
HP / Agilent 86061C Lightwave Switch
The Agilent 86061C is a mid-size switch in a half-width chassis. Switching is bi-directional. The 1xN switching module is built around a precision stepper motor. Mid-size Lightwave switch: 1280- 1650 nm, 9/125 um Single Mode-fiber; FC Connector; 2 Input Ch; 8 Connectorized Outputs; and Connectors on Rear Panel
* Improved performance due to temperature stabilization
* Visual signal path display with easy-to-use manual interface
* Multilayer software for controlling multiple switch configurations available
* Repeatable switching with 10 million cycle minimum life
This unit has following options:
* 051:Connectors on real panel
* 109:1280-1650 nm,62.5/125 um single-mode fiber
* 208:8 connectorized output channels
This item also includes a CD copy of User's Guide and Power Cord
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