Hp agilent 81626B high power optical head


Subject: Hp agilent 81626B high power optical head
HP Agilent 81626B High Power Optical Head
· Specially designed for low PDL, low spectral ripple and high return loss and are used for optical component tests.
· Operated with the single (Agilent 81618A) or dual (Agilent 81619A) interface modules.
· Used in lightwave mainframe models 8163A/B, 8164A/B and 8166A/B.
· The heads come with a magnetic D-shape adapter and provide a safe stand.
* Sensor Element: InGaAs, Ø 5mm
* Wavelength Range: 850-1650 nm
* Power Range: +27 to -70 dBm (1250-1650 nm)
* Noise (peak to peak): <500 pW
* Averaging Time (minimal): 100 µs
* Dimensions: 57 mm x 66 mm x 156 mm
* Operating Temperature: 0°C to +35°C
* Check with manufacturer for complete specifications
Condition: Excellent Working Condition.
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