Hp agilent 8133A 3.0 ghz pulse generator


Subject: Hp agilent 8133A 3.0 ghz pulse generator
HP Agilent 8133A Pulse Generator 3.0 GHz
Manufacturer's description: The HP 8133A provides pulses with programmable period from 333 ps to 30 ns, with resolution down to 1 ps and accuracy of 0.5%. The pulse width can be programmed from 150 ps to 10 ns with an accuracy of 100 ps; it can be programmed right up to period minus 150 ps. Delay accuracy is 150 ps; delay ranges depend upon configuration but not on the programmed period. The resolution for width and delay is 1 ps.
* Delay drift against delay: 50 ps
* Phase: - 360.0 to + 360.0 deg, subject to delay limits
* Frequency: 33.0 MHz to 3.0000 GHz, 100 KHz resolution
* Period: 300 ps to 30,000 ps, 1 ps resolution
* Accuracy: +/- 0.5%, +/- 0.1% nominal
* Square mode (50% duty cycle), Delay: 0.000 to 10.000ns
* Pulse mode, Delay: No variation
* Pulse mode, Width:150 ps to 10.000 ns (max: period - 150 ps)
* Pulse mode, Duty cycle: 0.0 to 100.0%, 0 and 100% mean dc at outputs
* Amplitude: 0.30 to 3.00 V p-p (0.5 to 1.80 V p-p)
* Level window: - 2.00 to + 4.00 V (- 4.00 to + 4.00 V)
* Outputs: Differential outputs; invertible (single)
* Transition times: 10% to 90% of amplitude: <100 ps, 60 ps nominal; 20 to 80% of amplitude: <60 ps, 40 ps nominal (<100 ps)
Accessories included: Copy of User's Guide and power cord.
More about the instrument: It was manufactured in 1993. Serial number: 3318 G 00260. As you can see in the pictures, it is in good condition with few signs of wear and tear. All photos on this page are of the actual item offered for sale.
Guaranteed to be clean and fully operational, with 14-day right of return.
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