Hp / agilent 5372A frequency & time interval analyzer


Subject: Hp / agilent 5372A frequency & time interval analyzer
HP / Agilent 5372A Frequency and Time Interval Analyzer with two 54003A Input Pod
The Agilent 5372A modulation domain analyzer, a superset of the 5371A, captures frequency, phase, or time intervals at extremely high speeds. The 5372A can make up to 13.3 million measurements per second for signals with a frequency range of up to 500 MHz. An optional channel expands the range to 2 GHz. The 5372A combines a choice of over 60 arming and triggering configurations with built-in analysis functions including math, statistics, and limit testing.
Unique to the 5372A (compared with the 5371A) are deeper memory, hardware histograms, and FFT capabilities for high-performance and more sophisticated jitter spectrum analysis and phase noise studies. The 5372A lets you: analyze jitter effects, characterize the transient and steady state responses of a VCO, examine frequency or phase modulation, measure frequency stability, analyze computer peripherals, or measure fast hopping radio signals.
* Broad selection of measurements
* Quick and easy-to-use push button analysis
* Graphic display and histograms for added visual meaning from collected data
* 200 ps single-shot, Least Significant Digit (LSD), 10 digits/second for frequency measurements (2 ps LSD for averaged measurements)
This item also includes one Power Cord and a CD copy of Operating Manual and User Guide.
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