Hp/agilent 4142B modular dc source/monitor


Subject: Hp/agilent 4142B modular dc source/monitor
HP/Agilent 4142B Modular DC Source/Monitor
The 4142B Modular DC Source/Monitor maximizes yield and improves device quality. Its open architecture accommodates a wide variety of applications without compromising performance or expansion capabilities.
* Wide measurement range (± 20 Amperes, ± 2000 Volts)
* Excellent Sensitivity (20 fA, 4 μV)
* Highly Accurate (5-digit, .05% V and 0.2% I)
* Many Measurement Modes: Pulsed or DC, Analog Search, Linear, Log, and Dual Channel Sweeps
This item also includes a CD copy of Manuals and Power Cord
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