Hp/ agilent 35665A dynamic signal generator w/opt.


Subject: Hp/ agilent 35665A dynamic signal generator w/opt.
HP/Agilent 35665A Dynamic Signal Generator with options:1C1, 1C2, 1D0, 1D1, and 1D4
The 35665A Dynamic Signal Analyzer is a flexible FFT-based analyzer that provides time, spectrum, network, and amplitude domain measurements.
* Frequency range: 244 microHz to 102.4kHz
* 1.44 MB internal LIF/MS-DOS disk drive
* Fast update rate for interactive measurements
* High-speed processing: 8 traces/s, 12.8kHz real-time fast average
This unit has the following options:1C1, 1C2, 1D0, 1D1, and 1D4
* Option 1C1: Add 2 MB Memory
* Option 1C2: HP Instrument BASIC
* Option 1D0: Computed Order Tracking Measurements
* Option 1D1: Real-Time Octave Measurements
* Option 1D4: Arbitrary Waveform Source
This unit calibration was performed by TRS-RenTelco thru 3/7/2007, and it also includes a Power Cord, HP/SDF Utilites disks, Example Prohrams disk, Using HP Instrument BASIC Manual, HP Instrument BASIC interfacing Techniques, Operator's Reference, Operator's Guide, Quick Start Guide, Quick Reference, Data Format Utilities Quick Reference, HP-IB Programming, HP35665A Concepts Guide.
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