Hp agilent 16756A 600 mhz logic analyzer module


Subject: Hp agilent 16756A 600 mhz logic analyzer module
HP Agilent 16756A 600 MHz Logic Analyzer Module
Manufacturer's description: The Agilent 16756A state and timing analysis module with 64M memory, delivers the performance and capabilities you need to debug and validate digital systems using today's new high-speed system interconnects and buses. The innovative "eye scan" mode in the 16756A enables you to examine eye diagrams on multiple circuit modes simultaneously, for a rapid, comprehensive view of signal integrity. Another feature, "eye finder" automatically adjusts the position of the data valid window on every channel independently, ensuring the most reliable data capture on high-speed buses and interconnects.
* State analysis up to 600 MHz on all 68 channels
* 4 GHz “timing zoom” (simultaneous timing analysis on all
channels) with 64 K memory depth
* 1.2 GHz, 128 M deep memory timing analysis on half channels
* Low-capacitance, high-reliability, high-density probing
* Differential or single-ended inputs
* Reliable synchronous state sampling
* Agilent’s exclusive “eye finder” technology
* 68 channels per module, up to 340 channels by combining modules
Accessories included: Help Volume Manual
Guaranteed to be clean and fully operational, with 14-day right of return
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