Hp agilent 16700B/3/8/9/12 logic analysis system


Subject: Hp agilent 16700B/3/8/9/12 logic analysis system
HP Agilent 16700B/3/8/9/12 Logic Analysis System
Manufacturer's description: The Agilent 16700B logic analysis system provides comprehensive system-level debugging optimized for multiple processor/bus designs. With on-line processor and bus setup assistant and an intuitive user interface, your design team can finally work together to solve tough hardware/software integration problems. A wide variety of modules offers measurement flexibility. A mouse and keyboard are included standard. The 16700B requires an external monitor.
* 5 measurement module slots
* 1 slot for emulation module or Multiframe module
* 10/100 BaseT LAN auto-sensing
* 003 upgrades system memory to 256MB + 1600x1200 video resolution
* 008 external 18GB data drive
* 009 external removeable hard drive
* 012 enables connecting up to 8 16700B series frames with expanders into one system
Although discontinued by Agilent, the 16700B is supported until 2 August 2010
Accessories included: Keyboard, mouse, Installation Guides and power cord
Guaranteed to be clean and fully operational, with 14-day right of return
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