Hp 89440A vector signal analyzer: dc to 1.8 ghz.2 piec


Subject: Hp 89440A vector signal analyzer: dc to 1.8 ghz.2 piec
HP/Agilent 89440A Vector Signal Analyzer: 2MHz. to 1.8 GHz. (Consists of the 89410A and the 89430A)
AY9 - (Extend Time Capture to 1 Msa With a $1500 Value)
AYA - (Vector Modulation Analysis With a $4900 Value)
AYB - (Waterfall and Spectrogram With a $4000 Value)
UFG - (4-MB Extended RAM and Additional I/O With a $2000 Value)
This Analyzers Offer Complex Signal Analysis, Such as Digital Modulation Analysis and AM/FM/PM Demodulation, Vector Spectrum Analysis, and Time-gated Spectrum Analysis. Simultaneous Time and Frequency Domain Measurements and Displays Improve Productivity and Enhance Ease of Use.
Range: 2 MHz. to 1.8GHz.
Span Scalar Mode: 1.0Hz to 1798MHz.
Span Vector Mode: 1.0Hz to 7MHz.
Resolution: 0.001Hz.
Initial Accuracy: +/-0.1ppm
Resolution Bandwidth: 312.5uHz to 3MHz (1, 3, 10 Sequence or arbitrary)
Phase Noise: 500MHz 1kHz offset: <-92dBc/Hz
10kHz offset: <-93dBc/Hz
100kHz offset: <-105 dBc/Hz.
Imput range 50 Ohms: -30dBm to +25 dBm.
Accuracy-Absolute Full Scale: +/-1.8dB(+/-0.5 dB typical)
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