Hp 8665B synthesized signal generator .1-6000MHZ w/man


Subject: Hp 8665B synthesized signal generator .1-6000MHZ w/man
HP 8665B Synthesized Signal Generator
A manual is provided with this offering
Calibration in your name available upon Request
(Call Bob Brams at for details)
This unit is in very good cosmetic condition. It powers up when plugged in and initializes without displaying any error messages. A tech friend of ours came by with a counter and confirmed for us that the item produces output all the way to 6 GHz.
Info and specs availiable at: http://www.metrictest.com/product_info.jsp?mfgmdl=HP%208665B(R)&gclid=CN2Rr5m0soUCFSmCFQodOBWumQ Please do note the listed MSRP of over $80,000!!