Hp 8350B sweep oscillator & 83522A & 83540A 0.01-8GHZ


Subject: Hp 8350B sweep oscillator & 83522A & 83540A 0.01-8GHZ
HP AGILENT SWEEP OSCILLATOR 8350B with 83522A and 83540A Modules
8350B Mainframe with 83522A Plug-in (0.01-2.4GHz), and with 83540A Plug-in (2-8.4GHz)
With Manuals: Operating Manual (59 pages), Operating and Service Manual (437 pages), manuals on CD
The Agilent 8350 Sweep Oscillator is a powerful general-purpose source for swept microwave measurements, CW signal generations and automatic testing and provides a frequency range of 10 MHz to 40 GHz. Combine the Agilent 8350B mainframe with any of the 11 versatile Agilent 83500 Series RF plug-ins to configure a source that meets your frequency and power requirements. The Agilent 8350 mainframe includes many productivity features, such as five independent, continuously variable markers, a marker sweep function, and save/recall registers that provide quick access to nine complete front panel settings.
This looks to be in excellent condition, powers-up and the switches/controls are smooth and responsive. The mainframe and both modules power-on and respond to switches. This is a very complex instrument and we have no knowledge of how it works or how to test it.
> Broadband frequency coverage
> External control of all Agilent 8350B mainframe functions, and all Agilent 83500 series plug-in functions
> Versatile microprocessor-controlled mainframe
> Single-band, straddle-band and broad band plug-ins
> Accurate, high resolution, digital displays
> Five marker with marker D and marker sweep
> Save/recall 9 complete front panel states
> 10 mV output power to 26.5 GHz
> Total HP-IB programmability
> Compatible with HP Network Analyzers
> Accepts all HP 83500 series plug-ins
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