Hp 8168A tunable laser source 1500NM to 1565NM


Subject: Hp 8168A tunable laser source 1500NM to 1565NM
HP 8168A Tunable Laser Source 1500nm to 1565nm. Less Than ±0.1nm Absoltue Wavelength Accuracy, 0.001nm Wavelength Resolution, Greater Than -5.5dBm to -50dBm Total Power Range, HPIB, and LCD Display.
This tunable laser source is a basic tool for characterizing and testing optical amplifiers and components. A built-in side mode filter ensures that a true single-mode laser line is generated for every wavelength point, eliminating any possible nultimoding.
A 0.001nm resolution also makes this tunable laser a valuable tool for heterodyne measurements and coherent applications. It also provides independent control of output power and wavelength on a "what you set - is what you get basis". Therefore, the user does not need to monitor values with additional instruments.
Wavelength scans, which require an output power that is stable over time and flat across all wavelengths, can be performed reliably, accurately, and quickly.
In manufacturing applications, the instrument can be integrated into a fully automated production test environment for precise, repeatable high speed testing.
In the HP 8168A, the maximum gain of the laser chip is centered at approximately 1540 nm. To cover the wavelength range from 1470 nm to 1565 nm with one instrument. It uses a laser chip that is selected to optimize several parameters.
Wavelength range: 1500nm to 1565nm
Absolute wavelength accuracy: <+/-0.1nm
Relative wavelength: +/-0.05nm (typical:+/-0.02nm)
Wavelength resolution: 0.001nm, 125MHz at 1550nm.
Wavelength stability: <+/-100MHz
Wavelength repeatability: +/-0.05nm (typical:+/-0.02nm)
Sidemode suppression ratio: >40dB
Total power range: >-4dBm to -10dBm.
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