Hp 8160A programmable pulse generator/period 10NS-990MS


Subject: Hp 8160A programmable pulse generator/period 10NS-990MS
HP 8160A Programmable Pulse Generator 50MHz. All parameters are indicated by an alphanumeric display above the keyboard. This eliminates both the need for an oscilloscope to monitor the output and the associated problem of misreading a parameter.
All Front panel controls are pushbuttons, thus outputs can be very easily and quickly set up and repeataility problems disappear.
All of it's operations are microprocessor controlled which further simplifies operation whether performed from the front panel controls or programmed over the HPIB.
It's Output frequency is 1Hz to 50MHz if the output amplifier is being used.
* Microprocessor based control and period, width, ramp, burst, range generation. Pulse output delivered to front panel. Each channel has selectable output impedance of 50 or 1K ohms. Channels can be used in Separate or Add modes.
* Pulse periods variable from 20ns to 999ms. Minimum pulse width 3ns. Internal trigger or external -10 to +10 volt trigger.
* Includes Option 020 which provides a second channel. Both channels are completely independent except for repetition rate and burst.
* Pulse delays can be programmed from 0.0ns to 999ms, and double pulses can be generated from 20.0ns to 999ms.
* High and low portion of the pulse output voltage can be independently varied from negative 19.9 volts to positive 19.9 volts depending on the source and load conditions.
* Produces bursts of pulses. Number of pulses in burst programmable from 0 to 9999. Min time between bursts is 1 period.
* Top-quality, programmable, MATE-Approved Stimuli pulse generator.
* Fully operable from the front-panel or via included HP-IB interface.
* Size: 16.75-inches Wide, 7-inches High (7.5-inches with foot clearance; feet are removable), 21.5-inches Deep (includes knob clearance); Weight: Approx. 47-pounds. Requires 115 to 230 VAC; 675 VA maximum.
We have 9 units with Options 001 - (Rear Panel Inputs & Outputs) and 020 - (Second Channel Output)
The rest of them only have Option 020 - (Second Channel Output)
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