Hp 8133A/003 3 ghz 2 ch. pulse generator


Subject: Hp 8133A/003 3 ghz 2 ch. pulse generator
www.tomteq.com/ When timing is critical, the quality of the characterization of a digital device-under-test depends on the accurate edge-placement of the test signal. The Agilent 8133A Timing Generator, 33 MHz to 3 GHz, makes an outstanding contribution with its high delay and width resolution (1 ps), very low jitter and fast linear transitions. To investigate pattern effects or to conduct rapid performance checks by using the eye-pattern mode of the 86100C DCA-J wide-bandwidth oscilloscopes, the 8133A can be enhanced by an additional pulse/data channel in place. This channel supports 32-bit patterns and the CCITT 0.151 2^23-1 PRBS. All input and output connectors are SMA (f) 3.5 mm. Please note: On April 30 2005, the Agilent 8133A 3 GHz Timing Generator, including all product options, will become obsolete. The cost-effective 8133A remains orderable until April 30 2005. Support will be provided for five (5) years until April 30 2010. The recommended replacement products are the industry-leading Agilent 81133A and 81134A 3.35 GHz Pulse Pattern Generators. On top of the 8133A's high performance clock signals, the successors 81133A and 81134A have several additional benefits, including enhanced data and pattern generation capabilities. You can find more information about the replacement products on the product pages of the Agilent 81133A and 81134A. Features * 33 MHz to 3 GHz * Transitions typically < 60 ps * 1 ps resolution, 350 fs with GPIB * Jitter typically <1 ps * Optional second pulse channel * Optional data and PRBS capabilities * All inputs and outputs are SMA (f) 3.5 mm connectors Key Library Information In the Library: Data Sheets, Demonstrations & Catalogs · Application Notes & Technical Papers · Manuals & Guides · Product & Safety Notifications · Software & Firmware Downloads · Newsletters, Articles & Presentations · Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) Data Sheet: 8133A Data Sheet 2000-11-27 Adobe Acrobat File 242 KB order a copy email this document Brochure: Pulse / Pattern Family Brochure Colour brochure for Agilent's family of Pulse / Pattern Generators 2004-11-30 Adobe Acrobat File 977 KB order a copy email this document Data Sheet: 81100 Family Pulse/Pattern Generator Technical Specifications 2004-04-23 Adobe Acrobat File 376 KB order a copy email this document User Guide: 8133A Timing Generator User Guide 2004-02-06 Adobe Acrobat File 4.92 MB