Hp 8130A high speed pulse generator 300MHZ-10 ps timing


Subject: Hp 8130A high speed pulse generator 300MHZ-10 ps timing
HP 8130A Dual-channel High Speed Pulse Generator, 300MHz Repittion Rate.
001 (Rear Panel connectors) and,
5V P-P / 10mV Resolution into 50 Ohms,
The 8130A's Clean Variable Edges Down to Less Than 1ns, Address a Wide Range of Technologies Such as: BICMOS, ECL, and ECLips, as Well as Opening to Analog Applications, Like Rapid Bandwidth Assessment, or Amplifier Slew-rate Measurements.
Cell Characterization Often Requires Two Signals, Clock and Data. Dual-Channel 8130A, Generators Provide These Signals When One Channel is Set to Double-pulse.
To see the Specs sheet, please go to: N:\General Share\Specs\Agilent - HP\8130A..pdf
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