Hp 53310A modulation domain analyzer - opt. 30


Subject: Hp 53310A modulation domain analyzer - opt. 30
HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer (Preowned)
The HP/Agilent 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer is an easy-to-operate, affordable modulation domain analyzer with an intuitive data display that gives you a direct view of jitter or modulation. Parameters such as peak-to-peak deviation, carrier frequency, and modulation rate are quickly and automatically displayed. Built-in analysis, including automated mean, standard deviation, and probability functions, provides detailed characterization of jitter.
* Simple operation with single-button functions automated setup and measurement, large display
* Advanced triggering on frequency or time interval measurements eliminates complexity
* Fast histograms facilitate statistical characterization
* Option 030 (2.5GHz Channel C)
* For complete details, click on the Agilent Web Site link:
This item also included a Power Cord and an Operation Reference Manual.
* This unit has some cosmetic problems: Burnt Screen, Crack in Lower Left of Plastic Framework around CRT, one leg which still serves as a support but is missing a chunk of plastic material (see photos for detail)
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