Hp 4145A semiconductor parameter analyzer. fully auto.


Subject: Hp 4145A semiconductor parameter analyzer. fully auto.
HP 4145A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer. Fully Automatic DC Characterization. Current from 1pA to 100mA, Volts from 1mV to 100V. Built-in Graphics Analysis. Marker and Cursor Provide Direct Numeric Readouts, Line Function Allows Automatic Calculation of Line Gradient and X,Y Axis Intercept Values.
The 4145A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer is a fully automatic, high performance, programmable test instrument designed to measure, analyze, and graphically display the DC characteristics of a wide range of semiconductor devices, such as diodes, bipolar transistors, field-effect transistors, wafers, ICs, etc. Main applications include computer-aided design (CAD) of ICs, new device evaluation, materials evaluation, component selection for circuit design, incoming/outgoing inspection, semiconductor process control, quality control, and quality assurance. It is equipped with four programmable stimulus/measurement units (SMU), two programmable voltage source units (Vs), two voltage monitor units (Vm), a fully interactive graphics display, removable flexible-disc storage, softkeys, full arithmetic keyboard, and HP-IB. And it can be used on the bench or as part of a complete measurement system in the laboratory or on the production line.
For device stimulation and characteristics measurement, the 4145A has eight channels.
Channels 1 through 4 are stimulus/measurement units (SMU); channels 5 and 6 are voltage source units (Vs); and channels 7 and 8 are voltage monitor units (Vm).
Each SMU channel has three modes of operation:
Voltage source/current monitor (V), current source/voltage monitor (I), and common (COM).
Source voltage and source current can be held constant or swept linearly or logarithmically. When used as a voltage source/current monitor (V mode), each SMU can be programmed to output DC voltages from 0V to +/-l00V over three ranges-0V to +/-19.999V, +/-2OV to +/-39.998V, and +/-40V to +/-100V-with a resolution of lmV, 2mV, and 5mV, respectively. When used as a current source/voltage monitor (I mode), each SMU can be programmed to output currents from +/-lpA to +/-l00mA over nine ranges, with a resolution of 1pA max. (current measurement resolution is 50fA max.), depending on the current range. Current through the sample in V mode and voltage across the sample in I mode can be limited to prevent damage to the sample.
The two Vs channels are programmable voltage source& Output voltage can be held constant or linearly or logarithmically swept from OV to f 20V with 1mV resolution. The voltage sources are used when many bias and voltage sources are required.
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